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27 January 2017
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Why do we want to build a church?                                 

Our congregation consecrated our chapel in 1992. The building was built under the patronage of Pastor Tibor Faragó and it has been serving our purposes exclusively ever since. Since we began our journey towards independency, we got our own Pastor and we bought our own parsonage – we also began to outgrow the space we had.

We renovated it from time to time and we’ve treated our small chamber that was built next to it later with great love ever since, but we had to realize the fact that it is too small for even a children service on Sundays. Thus, these days we take our children to the local kindergarten – we’d like to thank for the opportunity here as well – almost every Sunday. It would be great if we could separate our kindergartners from our pupils, but not even the kindergarten provides any opportunity for that. 

On weekdays, we have enough space in our chapel, even on an ordinary Sunday despite the fact that we run out of air very quickly in the summer. On any kind of holiday though, several of our brothers and sisters had to stand beside the entrance in the past. Thus we felt it rightful to have a bigger place for ourselves.


Why here, why now do we want to build a church?

It wasn’t us who decided. The will of men certainly wouldn’t be enough anyway, but it seems our prayers have been heard. A kind brother of ours from Taksony donated us the site, another with his family offered 10.000 Euros for the construction and its costs. A local architect agency offered to prepare the approval plan for free.

More people support our cherished plan day by day with smaller donations thus allowing it to grow so far that we no longer want to build “just a church” but a congregation center as well. A congregation center that can be a home to everyone. Where children services and church services could be held at the same time. Where we could organize agape feasts condignly and where our guests could even stay for the night.

As we are sinful people we are impatient. We want to speed up the construction by our own strength than we lose hope when things don’t go according our wishes. But this is perhaps for the best. It teaches us humbleness. It shades light upon that “it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth”. It encourages us for even more eagerly prayers and to accept that all this is our merciful God’s. 

Now I’d like to ask Him as well to encourage the people present here that whether they live in Taksony or any other settlements, whether they are from the reformed church or any other churches make them look at this project as their own. And I don’t just mean financial support – but there’s always an opportunity for that of course – actually I didn’t mean it in the first place. We are grateful for every prayer, for every small but kind act, for every blade of grass moved for our cause. Because however if our God doesn’t build our house our work is pointless, I do believe that His work will be fulfilled through our, through your devoted service.  

You can go through our plan here!  


Said on 16th April 2016 at the inauguration of György Csernátoni Nagy’s memorial tablet.

Author: Artúr Bozsoki caretaker

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Stefán Attila

"Mert nem szégyellem az evangéliumot, hiszen Isten ereje az, minden hívőnek üdvösségére..." Róma 1, 16

Maupassant Az ékszer c. írása egy hivatalnokról és feleségéről szól, akik szeretnének felemelkedni, és szégyellik szegénységüket. Egyszer meghívást kapnak egy bálba. A feleség gazdag barátnőjének ékszerét kéri kölcsön az estére, hogy ne nézzék le szegénysége miatt. Az ékszert azonban elveszti. Óriási adósságokba keveredve megvásárol egy ugyanolyan nyakéket, hogy a tulajdonosának visszaadhassa. Húsz évet dolgoznak férjével, hogy az adósságokat letörlesszék: mindenről lemondanak, gyermeket sem vállalnak. Egy váratlan találkozás során derül ki, hogy az elvesztett ékszer egy olcsó, de remek utánzat volt, amiért ő cserébe egy valóságos nyakéket szolgáltatott vissza, és erre ráment az élete.

Hamis „ékszerek” után futnak sokan egész életükben. Pál apostol a valódi ékszerről szól nekünk a Római levélben: a megváltás evangéliumáról, amit Isten drága véren szerzett, de ingyen ajándékoz nekünk. Keresd ezt, és boldog leszel!

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